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~ Our Mission ~

The Tacoma Sun is monthly community newspaper published by local Tacoma volunteers to promote:

– Livable Neighborhoods and Downtown
– Local Political Issues
– Community Building
– Tacoma’s Public Realm and Civic Life
– Environmental Issues
– Tacoma’s Image

Our goal is to take an in depth look at these issues than is currently available and to make all articles available online for viewing and feedback.

~ Editors ~

Morgan Alexander is a former real estate consultant, civic innovator, community organizer, and co-founder of Historic Tacoma, Tacoma Streetcar, and community projects such as murals on Hilltop.  He owns Amocat Cafe as well as Tacoma Brewing Company.

Erik Bjornson works as an attorney downtown and writes often on issues related to downtown and Tacoma’s business districts. Erik is also former member and chair of the North End Neighborhood Council.

Justin Camarata is a University of Washington graduate in Political Science and a North End resident. He works in account management and marketing for Seattle-area internet companies and, when his two small boys allow, volunteers for Tacoma commissions and causes including the Ethics Board, the North End Neighborhood Council, and various political campaigns. He is particularly interested in exploring the intersection of new urbanism, local government, and technology. (He’s still trying to dream up the next great urban mobile app.) Books that have influenced Justin’s thinking on cities and urban issues include Jane Jacobs’ ‘The Death and Life of Great American Cities,’ Donald Shoup’s ‘The High Cost of Free Parking,’ and P.D. Smith’s ‘City: A Guidebook for the Urban Age.’

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Coming soon: Prohibition in Tacoma
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published October 18th, 2007