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Back From the Brink: Walker Apartments in Downtown Renovated and Ready for Leasing


The historic Walker Building came close to adding it’s name to the list of vacant and neglected buildings in Tacoma.  Real close.

A long time apartment building, the Walker became dated and worn.




A few years ago, the condo boom hit Tacoma.   The plan was that the units at the Walker would be converted to condominiums and sold one by one.  A few were renovated, and the restaurant Maxwells opened on the first floor.   A secret cigar smoking room was set up for Tacoma’s illuminate to frequent.  However, when the condo market crashed, the renovations stopped and a vast majority of the units in the Walker remained unfinished and vacant.  They stay this way for years.

Now, however, it appears (hopefully) more units have been renovated in the Walker and they are starting to lease a new set, given that ownership changed earlier this year and that there has been significant work in the building lately.  A new sign went up yesterday on the building. Hopefully, more of the units are now ready to be occupied.




Who will fill the apartments in the Walker?  State Farm workers? Military members? Hipsters upgrading?  We will see.  At any rate, seeing any historical building being renovated is reason enough to celebrate.  Having more people living in the grid will bring much needed additional life to the area.

From the Walker Apartment Facebook page:




 Godspeed Walker Apartments.



published November 13th, 2013

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